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HWNT Houston Garage Sale

This Saturday, April 2nd, HWNT Houston will be holding their annual garage sale to raise money for scholarships.  Qualified students from our Education Series will be awarded scholarships from the money raised at the Garage Sale and other fundraisers that have been held over the year at our banquet in May.  

Please consider donating items to the garage sale.  We're looking for clothes, jewelry, books, toys, electronics, cookware, exercise equipment - anything you have around that have been meaning to get rid of (but are sure someone else could use!).  

Last year, we raised around $2000 at our garage sale.  This year, we're hoping to surpass that amount!  Let's help these young women achieve their dreams of attending college.  We all remember how expensive books and meals can get!  Please consider donating items or making a monetary contribution through our PayPal link below.  

If you would like to donate or volunteer at the event, please let us know by emailing GarageSaleHouston@hwnt.org.  Gracias! 

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2010 Houston Estrella

Daisy Morales

Daisy Morales is VP of Sales and Marketing, for Community Health Choice, Inc. She was hired to implement a 3-Share Program, a new health care product targeted at minimum wage employees, enabling them to have health insurance at a price they could afford.  Daisy has been instrumental in networking with financial brokers, community leaders, enlisting their support to make the 3-Share endeavor possible.  We all know that so many Americans do not have medical insurance simply because they cannot afford it.  Daisy's networking abilities, years of experience in marketing and sales, has successfully made the 3-Share Program a reality and kicked off Tex Health Harris County, on October 1, 2009.  Daisy is the key person responsible for the success of the Tex Health Harris County becoming a reality.

Daisy has championed many worthy causes and is an active member of many organizations, particularly those focused on the wellness and betterment of women and children; Chair of The Health and Wellness Committee of HWNT, The Women’s Fund for Health, on the Board of Trustees for Education and Research, active in her church and community related fund raisers, particularly those targeted for under-privileged children.    

Daisy encourages her staff to take ongoing educational courses and to join organizations for self-improvement and community networking opportunities, enables staff to implement innovative ideas, keeps them motivated and supports them.  Daisy never falters to show appreciation of a job well done, is sensitive to her staff’s morale, stresses teamwork, dedicated to her staff and their needs for career growth and improvement.

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Strength comes from collaboration. HWNT Chapters through the great state of Texas use this philosophy within their community advocate efforts. Want to volunteer?  Please email us at houstonmembership@hwnt.org


Upcoming Events

Annual Garage Sale
The Education Committee will be holding a garage sale to help raise funds for scholarships to be awarded to qualified applicants from our Education Series. 
Saturday, April 2, 2011
7:00 a.m. - 3:00 p.m.
South Houston High School
3820 South Shaver Street

South Houston, Texas 77587

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