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Legislative - 2011 Initiative

On Jan. 8, the HWNT State Board approved a resolution requesting that the Texas State Legislature and the Governor of Texas take action to compel payday and auto title lenders to stop usurious lending and comply with the same standards as licensed consumer lenders in Texas.

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Education - Scholarships for Young Latinas

The United Health Foundation has joined with the Hispanic Women's Network of Texas to present $30,000 in scholarships for the upcoming academic year to six deserving Latinas from across the state of Texas who plan to pursue careers in health care. The scholarships, averaging $5,000 per student, are being offered through United Health Care Foundation's Diverse Scholars Initiative which awarded $1,225,000 in scholarships this year to African-American, American-Indian, Asian-American and Latino students planning to pursue careers in health care. By cultivating health professionals from diverse, multicultural backgrounds, the Diverse Scholars Initiative is designed to increase culturally-competent health care delivery, close the health care disparities gap and improve outcomes over the long term.

The 2010 United Health Foundation-HWNT Scholarship Recipients are:

Carmen Bonilla (Dallas) - graduated on the honor roll in the top 20 percent of her class at Townview Health Professions High School where she belonged to numerous school and community organizations and recieved many accolades. The experience she gained caring for ill grandmother was the reason why she wants to be a nurse. Her strong soul will accomplish her goal to be a Registered Nurse and care for humanity.

Clara Garcia (Fort Worth) - just completed her first year as a Community Scholar at Texas Christian University with a 3.034 grade point average. When she feels like giving up, she thinks about her ill grandmother in El Salvador where health care is not easily accessible. She says that when she becomes a Registered Nurse she not only wants to work in a U.S. hospital but wants to go to El Salvador (her birthplace) and teach people about all types of preventative care.

Maribel Lomeli (Fort Worth) - plans to become an amazing nurse and give back to the community for all the great nurses who helped her father recover. Her Dad’s colon cancer and near death experience opened her eyes and inspired her not to take anything for granted. Because her Dad couldn’t work and was ill, she became determined to get a scholarship and become a nurse. She graduated as Salutatorian at Diamond Hill Jarvis High School and won a Community Scholarship from Texas Christian University. 

Brittney Palacios (Houston) - is the sole provider of income for her and her mother. She managed to be in the top 4 percent of her class and volunteer in the community and worked 16-20 hours a week. Her mother's influence as a Medical Assistant and her mother's constant chronic unknown illnesses has inspired Britney to become a Medical Researcher.

Mayra J. Escoto (Houston) - plans to be a pharmacist and will attend the University of Houston. She was drawn to the health care field at an early age. Her uncle as an epileptic who had seizures. The experience of losing her uncle to epilepsy made her realize importance of medications. She plans to become a pharmacist and teach persons the importance of medications.

Amanda Lopez (San Antonio) - is a first generation college graduate and was awarded a Bachelor of Science degree in Community Health from Texas A&M University. After graduation, she worked at South Central Area Health Education Center to utilize her skills and talents to give back to the community. Amanda carefully researched prospective career options and discovered that becoming a Physician Assistant (PA) would enable her to fulfill her desire for leadership and service. 
About Latinas In Progress

Hispanic Women’s Network of Texas developed an Education Series for young Latinas to provide
enriching learning experiences for girls that will encourage higher education participation by providing access to opportunity, information, financial resource, and exposure to university life. In January 2009, the state adopted LIP with the component of the Hermanitas® Program by MANA, a national organization of Latinas.

For more information contact
Eva Bonilla
State Education Chair